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Active Duty Enlisted Senior Airman Is Grateful that AFEV Was There for His Mother

Your generosity allows us to say “Yes!” when a family needs us the most

Joshua is grateful for friends like who allowed AFEV to welcome his mother during a time of great difficulties for both of them.

Senior Airman Joshua Shaver had a harrowing accident involving an F-15 when serving as crew chief. His body suddenly became crushed between the jet fighter’s forward, landing gear doors – nearly 3,000 pounds per square inch of pressure on his frame. Joshua spent 45 days in a brace and months longer in recovery from his injuries.

Joshua’s mother, Theresa, came to Air Force Enlisted Village through a recommendation from an Air Force non-commissioned officer (NCO) who Joshua worked with at the time. The NCO knew some of the struggles that Theresa was experiencing in her life. He also understood that Joshua was in no condition to care for his mom due to his injuries.

After doing his own research, Joshua discovered that Air Force Enlisted Village did indeed accept and provide temporary lodging for mothers of active duty enlisted airmen like himself. Joshua immediately jumped at the opportunity for his mother to live in a safe, secure community surrounded by other military widows just like her.

“The Air Force Enlisted Village 100 percent supports parents of airmen who later on in

life, down the road, if they become widowed, retired, or require assisted living,”

says Joshua.

Joshua continues, “I am extremely grateful to the Air Force Enlisted Village for accepting

my mother. When I needed her, she was there for me. And when she needed Air Force

Enlisted Village, they were there for her.”

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