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Fitness Wing Construction News

The Latest on the Fitness Wing Construction at the Community Center

from Bear General Contractors

WHO IS BEAR? Bear General Contractors Pensacola, FL We are a commercial construction company that builds everything from warehouses to doctor’s offices to coffee shops. We specialize in brand new construction, renovations, interior build-outs, additions, and metal buildings. We’ve been around for 4 years and we pride ourselves in our dedication to client satisfaction, our passion for building, and our commitment to making Northwest Florida the greatest place to live in the world! We often have a lot of projects happening at once so it can be tricky to keep up. Thankfully we found a company that offers Construction IT Services which has really taken a weight off our shoulders as we know we can avoid major downtime. It also means we can focus on supplying the best possible construction services to as many people as possible.

WHAT IS HAPPENING? Demo and Clearing In the past couple of weeks, we have set up the perimeter fence on-site to keep everyone safe and away from the construction activities. There are also Super cheap signs placed around the site that inform passers-by and the workmen of what construction is happening. The site workers removed all the existing sidewalks and covered walkways that were in the way of the new addition, as well as cleared the site of any other existing structures or trees in the way.

The FORECAST AHEAD…. Install Utilities Starting on March 5th, the workers will be installing utility lines. A significant amount of welding work will also be taking place, so be on the lookout for welding equipment and accessories such as a flat welding bench. For the next couple of weeks, there will be very deep trenches that will run all throughout the site for the guys to install their piping. Please make sure that you follow the signs located on the temporary fence and remain on the outside of the construction fence. Safety is our #1 priority. We appreciate everyone’s help and understanding while we build this amazing fitness center! We look forward to completing the addition so you all can enjoy it! Thank you!

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