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Longtime Bob Hope Village Resident Thrives in New Life at Hawthorn House

Updated: Jul 13

June didn’t wait long to get involved in the activities at Hawthorn House. Shortly after moving to her new home, she participated in a beauty pageant last year and was named first runner up.

Thank you for making assisted living and memory support possible so residents can transition easily.

Moving from independent living to assisted living can be frightening, but it’s usually a better experience when it’s of your own choice. Former Bob Hope Village resident June made the decision last year to move to assisted living.

“I talked to my doctor about assisted living after I had fallen,” June said. “I knew that moving to Hawthorn House would give me peace of mind because a nurse would be in the building in case I push my alert button.”

June prepared for her move by downsizing her belongings. She said she didn’t see the need for having a car and the expenses that go a long with it, so she sold it because she knew has access to AFEV’s bus transportation, prescription pick up service, and transportation to medical appointments.

June says it was important for her to make the move to assisted living while she could still enjoy the abundance of activities that are available at Hawthorn House. She continues to visit her friends that live at Bob Hope Village, and she continued her volunteer work at the library there.

“I still goto the salon at Bob Hope Village and play cards with my friends,” June explained. “Most people say they wished thy had moved to Hawthorn House sooner.I’m glad I took their advice when I did. I’m enjoying my life there. I’m still independent, but I appreciate the assistance at Hawthorn House like dining services and the weekly housekeeping service.”

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