• Scarlett Bauman, Director of Marketing

New Wellness Program Delivers HOPE (Health Optimization Program for Everyone)

Dolores usually walks three times a week, but the HOPE wellness program has encouraged her to try different exercises and to move more. Through the wellness program, she has started bike riding.

Thank you for providing the support to provide residents with health, wellness, and fitness programs

Bob Hope Village residents have been asking for more fitness activities for the past few years, and we’re happy to offer a few solutions.

The first solution is our new HOPE (Health Optimization Program for Everyone) Wellness program at Bob Hope Village that launched earlier this year. The program provides a full calendar of health, wellness, and fitness activities for residents, as well as, challenges and prizes for the winners.

Residents have been participating in a wide range of classes to promote the benefits of laughter, exercise, healthy eating, good posture, and core strengthening. September’s program calendar has over 100 classes and activities ranging from hula dancing, hearing aid checks, and caregiver support. These activities, especially health-related ones will be vital for the well-being of every individual in the area. To help further assist the people who may need hearing aid checks, they may also be interested in having a look at these cordless phones for hearing impaired people so that they can easily stay in the loop about all of the different classes that the program offers to its residents with ease.

The second solution is the construction of a fitness wing at the Bob Hope Village community center that will open this fall. It will offer a cardio and strength training room with state of the art exercise equipment. The second room in the fitness wing will offer virtual on demand fitness classes on a large screen.

The new HOPE Wellness Program has been well received by residents who wish to improve their level of wellness, and we all want to say thank you since this project could take place without your support.

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