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Number 14 Lucky Again for Future Bob Hope Village Resident

Because of you, the AFEV mission of providing a home continues

Mrs. Kelly poses for a photo with AFEV President and CEO Brooke McLean and Bob Hope Village Director of Admissions Opal Tibbitts to celebrate her deposit on an apartment at Bob Hope Village 6.

On February 14 of this year, Mrs. Kelly became the first military widow on our wait list to place a deposit on an apartment at Bob Hope Village 6. Staff greeted and cheered for her.

“My late husband and I consider the number 14 to be lucky,” Mrs. Kelly shared. “We were both born on the 14th, and we were married on the 14th. And today, on the 14th, I placed a deposit on an apartment at Bob Hope Village 6.” She paused, looked up and said, “I think my husband would be happy.”

Bob Hope Village 6 is due to open in the spring of 2020. You can follow the construction progress on the AFEV Facebook page HERE.

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