• Scarlett Bauman, Director of Marketing

Spring into Wellness Walk

Air Force Enlisted Village Residents and Staff Kicked Off a New Wellness Program with a Walk Around Bob Hope Village Campus on the First Day of Spring

The Air Force Enlisted Village (AFEV) kicked off a new wellness program, Health Optimization Program for Everyone (HOPE), with a walk around the Bob Hope Village campus.

About 100 residents, employees and athletes from Okaloosa Special Olympics walked or rode bicycles. Hawthorn House residents got in on the fun by riding the loop around campus in a golf cart.

The HOPE wellness program will provide the residents of BHV with an environment that supports them in creating healthy lifestyles and successful aging. HOPE will offer initiatives that promote strong social engagement, purpose and meaning, and opportunities to be physically and mentally active.

“We want to give our residents every opportunity to live life to the fullest. We want to encourage them to live well and want to offer them ways to do that,” AFEV Health Services Director Leigh Rice explained. “We want our residents to have meaning to their life, so they feel useful and purposeful, and have a reason to get up every morning. Physical and emotional isolation can be common as we age. AFEV’s HOPE wellness program will promote physical, social, and intellectual well-being.”

“Wellness is about making the best of your health and being continually engaged with life. It is about making positive choices and being proactive in the hopes of decreasing or controlling risk factors and improving overall wellness.”

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