• Scarlett Bauman, Fundraising and Marketing Manager

Your Gift Matters – Thank You from Helga

Your gift to the Air Force Enlisted Village truly changes lives and helps military widows like Helga who are residing at Bob Hope Village and Hawthorn House. Helga lives at Bob Hope Village, and she wants you to know that she and all our residents appreciate you.

After her husband died, Helga said she struggled financially, like many military widows, and that Air Force Enlisted Village has been her haven of hope. “I would’ve lost my house and been stuck in a small one-bedroom apartment with no neighbors. No activities. It would’ve been just terrible.”

Helga enjoys volunteering at Bob Hope Village, which is very important to her. She helps at the community center reception desk and runs the residents’ Wii bowling league.

Helga’s motivation to give back stems from her life experiences, both good and bad.

“I know what it is like to live through hard times, but I’ve also I’ve had a lot of joy, too. And that’s what I want to bring to others. My goal in life is to put a smile on other people’s faces.

Instead of being alone and struggling just to get by, Helga is now happy and fulfilled while being a blessing to other military widows just like her. This wouldn’t be possible without your compassion!

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