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Stacie’s Story: A Life Transformed

Through AFEV, you’re literally changing lives. Stacie, who lost her loving husband, Elmer, a master sergeant with 20 years of service in the Air Force, is proof of that. Stacie suffers from dystonia, a movement disorder in which a person’s muscles contract uncontrollably.

After Elmer died, Stacie didn’t know how she’d go on or where she’d live…

As her condition worsened, Stacie could no longer continue her job helping adults with special needs and disabilities. She began needing oxygen therapy to assist in her breathing. Stacie was wracked with worry about her health and what...

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Stacie's Story: A Life Transformed - Video

Hurricane Michael Brings Air Force Widow to Bob Hope Village


When Esther’s late husband Gene retired from the Air Force after 26 years of service, they decided to make his last duty station, Tyndall AFB, their home. The couple had been traveling all around the United States and the world. As civil engineer, Gene went to Vietnam, and later he, Esther and their daughter Genelle lived in the Philippines and in Turkey. Esther enjoyed the travel opportunities that were available to her as a military family.

Esther and Gene bought their first and only house in 1979 in Panama City, Florida while stationed at Tyndall AFB and decided this would be where they’d settle, raise their daughter, and...

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Hurricane Michael Brings Air Force Widow to Bob Hope Village

Air Force Enlisted Village Assists Hurlburt Field Family with Temporary Home After House Fire


When her husband deployed a month ago, Shannon Zottneck thought the most of her worries would be helping her young son adjust and understand that they would be reunited again in a few months as a family. A recent tragedy united them sooner than planned.

SSgt. Tim Zottneck, a Hurlburt Field hydraulic mechanic on the AC130Us, had been out working on the flight line for about thirty minutes when his section chief told him to call his wife because of an emergency...

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Assisting Hurlburt Field family with temporary housing

Longtime Bob Hope Village Resident Thrives in New Life at Hawthorn House


Moving from independent living to assisted living can be frightening, but it’s usually a better experience when it’s of your own choice. Former Bob Hope Village resident June made the decision last year to move to assisted living.

“I talked to my doctor about assisted living after I had fallen,” June said. “I knew that moving to Hawthorn House would give me peace of mind because a nurse would be in the building in case I push my alert button.”

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Longtime Bob Hope Village resident thrives at Hawthorn House

She is Why the Air Force Enlisted Village Exists


For fifty years, the Air Force Enlisted Village’s sole mission, through the compassionate support of people like you, has been to provide a home for surviving spouses of U.S. military heroes.

Every resident has a deeply touching story about how they got here, but *Theresa’s path to AFEV is uniquely moving, and she wanted to share it with you…

After my husband retired from the Air Force, we became full-time RVers. We went through our possessions and gave them away to anyone who had a need. That’s the way we were. We wanted to help others.

We had great plans to travel all over the U.S., but when we reached Jacksonville, I started...

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She is why the Air Force Enlisted Village exists
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