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CMSgt Todd Simmons, USAF, Ret.


Todd Simmons is a Business Coach, Leadership Expert, and the Founder and President of Courageous Leadership Alliance. Simmons is an authentic voice in the leadership arena and excels in the art of building top-performance teams and redesigning organizational culture to achieve maximum effectiveness. He aims to deliver and communicate his experience & knowledge to assist leaders of tomorrow decipher the art of leadership.


As a seasoned educator & business leader, Simmons strives to build a coalition of change agents sharing a common aim for building a society of courageous leaders. He shares an incredible passion for helping the community and loves helping individuals in their pursuit of happiness & success. Simmons’ greatest source of inspiration comes from witnessing ordinary people achieve extraordinary goals.


Simmons served 25 years in the U.S. Air Force nurturing & developing the leaders of tomorrow and has led countless aspiring students towards the road of professional development. As the Command Chief for Air University, he encouraged, inspired, and led 50,000 resident and 120,000 non-residents Air Force affiliated students annually.

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