Military Spouses Like Doris Are Quiet Heroes

July 6, 2023

Doris was living halfway around the world when she first laid eyes on the handsome young service member who would become her husband. Born and raised in Germany, Doris fell in love with Frank, who was stationed there. After saying her vows on their wedding day in 1956, Doris was prepared for the sacrifices that military life would bring.

Leaving behind her loved ones in Germany, Doris and her family of three children would move frequently, from base to base. “There was one time when my daughter changed kindergarten three times in just one school year,” Doris explains.

“My husband did three tours in Korea. It’s difficult when your husband is overseas. We become the father, and the mother. We take over the checkbook and all responsibilities. But we learn to adjust and smile at it. My father always taught us that if there is a job to be done, he never wanted to hear the words ‘I can’t’ from any of his children.”

When you think of “sacrifice” and the military, you might think of war and the ultimate price being paid by a brave service member for our freedom.

But the smaller contributions and sacrifices made by military spouses – and the readiness to give – are also admirable. Spouses like Doris are quiet heroes – they too serve our country through their commitment and support in helping to keep America strong and safe.

For military spouses like Doris, who’ve given so much for this country, there is a special day – the Friday before Mother’s Day each year – that’s set aside for our nation to recognize and appreciate their contributions and sacrifices…National Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

It’s true, military life can be difficult and stressful for everyone in the family. Spouses and children are often required to frequently move – changing jobs and schools, leaving behind friends and support systems again and again. They constantly worry about the safety of their loved ones in uniform. And many military spouses give up their own careers, their own dreams, while holding down the homefront and waiting for their hero to return from service.

Spouses like Doris are the backbone of our armed forces. They give of themselves and give up time with their loved ones so that we are kept safe, out of harm’s way.

Now residing at Bob Hope Village, Doris, 86, enjoys quilting and visiting with her neighbors who have similar military backgrounds.

“It’s the feeling of security that I like most about living here. It’s like I’m back on a military base,” says Doris. “We make friends and we all like each other. Best of all, we feel secure.”