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Heroes for Hope

Caring for and providing a safe, secure home for retired military surviving spouses as they age is the cornerstone of the Air Force Enlisted Village mission. There is always work to be done, and we need your help more than ever.

You can provide stable support for the Air Force Enlisted Village all year long with monthly giving, a convenient giving option that allows you to make a greater impact with manageable monthly giving.

Join our compassionate group of monthly donors who we call, “Heroes for Hope”. These partners know that giving on a monthly basis allows AFEV to spend less time fundraising, and more time seeing that surviving spouses of retired enlisted US airmen have a safe, secure home. “Heroes for Hope” save AFEV thousands of dollars in paper, postage, and administrative costs.

Heroes for Hope” are at the front lines of making the AFEV mission possible today and for future surviving spouses to come to Bob Hope Village and Hawthorn House. Your monthly gift ensures that surviving spouses of retired enlisted Air Force members will have the home they need. A home they deserve.

Join Heroes for Hope today by clicking the box that reads “Yes, automatically repeat this gift every month” on the donation form HERE.

Become a monthly donor who we call 'Heroes for Hope'
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