YOU Are “Family” to All of Our Residents — THANK YOU!

March 21, 2023

Donna says that many residents at AFEV do not have family and would otherwise have no place to go if not for your kindness.

Donna, 83, counts her large family as life’s biggest blessing. Nothing makes Donna’s heart smile more than her 10 children, two stepchildren, and over 30 grandchildren.

However, when asked why it’s so important for friends like you to continue supporting Air Force Enlisted Village (AFEV), Donna’s thoughts turn to her fellow residents who aren’t so fortunate. “I have family all around me. But many of our residents don’t have any family at all. If not for this place, they would have nowhere to go.” She adds while wiping a tear from her cheek, “I feel so deeply for those who have nobody. They might feel like they don’t belong. But here, they belong.”

Donna is right. There are many residents at AFEV who are “elder orphans.” Many are war brides who fell in love with airmen and left their home country so many decades ago, leaving behind their family and friends.

But thanks to the kindness of friends like you from across this country, these residents are not alone. These military widows take great comfort in knowing that your generosity provides them with a caring and loving retirement community. That’s what your giving makes possible!

Donna is also so grateful for your unwavering support that allows her to live her golden years as a resident at Hawthorn House, our assisted living facility. She loves to participate in the many activities that AFEV has to offer, especially arts & crafts.

“We do different themes each month like painting plaques for Halloween and making Christmas decorations,” Donna says. “This past Christmas we also had volunteers from Hurlburt Field (Air Force base) come and help us decorate the Christmas tree. Everybody had such a wonderful time. All you could hear was laughing throughout the hallways!”

Donna also raves about the AFEV staff and how attentive they are to residents like her. “They are just so fantastic and helpful. They’ll direct you to the right person and take care of anything you might need. I’ve never met so many people who are so helpful and friendly. It’s really just marvelous!”

While Donna has only been at Hawthorn House for just over a year now, she has already formed many friendships. It’s just another reason that she’s so happy that she made the move here shortly after her husband passed away. “I’m a friendly person. We all have such nice conversations. If you don’t know them (other residents), they will get to know you get to know you. I love it here. It’s my home.”

If you feel inspired by Donna's story, please click HERE to make a gift today to provide help and hope to military widows residing at Bob Hope Village and Hawthorn House.